Top Ten Sith Lords

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The lore of Start wars universe is perhaps the greatest blend of science fiction and fantasy ever conceived. Naturally, we are quite interested about learning about the great and mighty characters that populate this diverse and mysterious far far away. Start wars universe have its fair share of amazing heroes, who are always prepared to go beyond and above the to uphold the noble cause, and to ward off evil, whenever or wherever it rears its ugly head. Anyone familiar with the Star Wars franchise is well aware of the Jedi knights, who wield the light saber and have complete mastery of the force. They are extremely powerful and act as the peace keepers. However, their job is not easy, even with the tremendous power they possess. The Sith have existed alongside the Jedi from time immemorial and they have always opposed the Jedi with their wicked ways. They are the absolute masters of the dark side of the force, and since they are not bound by the more code the Jedi uphold, they sometimes can even outmatch the Jedi in terms of raw power. The Sith are the materialization of pure evil, driven by their insatiable lust power power and conquest. In our article today, we will attempt to list the most powerful and influential sith lords ever to walk the realm of Star Wars universe. Of course, you might disagree with our listing today, in that case do leave a comment stating your top ten Sith lords. Without further ado, lets get started.

10. Darth Maul

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To be honest, it terms of raw power and mastery of the force, there are way more powerful Sith lords who could have made this spot. However, what makes him different is his popularity among fans. He was the apprentice to Darth Sidious, and who can forget the memorable duel between him and Qui-Gon Jinn. Most Sith Lords look quite intimidating but his looks made him absolutely terrifying. The rows of protrusions studded atop his head, his tattoo and the double-bladed light saber is a very frightening sight to behold. He took on both Qui-Gon and Obi-wan and fought in a equal footing.

9. Darth Plagueis

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Darth Plagueis was the master of Darth Sidious, also known as the infamous emperor through out the sequel trilogy, and senator Palpatine in the prequels. Darth Plagueis was obsessed with the idea of immortality and devoted his entire life to unlock the secret of immortality. However, his skills with the light saber was not particularly great. He was more inclined to the use of the force. In the end however, his apprentice Dart Sidious defeated him. Darth Sidious seduced Anakin by telling him about Darth Plagueis quest for immortality, which Anakin sought to save Padme’s life. And eventually converted him to the dark side of the force.

8. Darth Vitiate

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 Darth Vitiate was the longest living Sith lord. He slew the entire population of a an entire planet to consume to the life force of his fallen prey. At the age of ten he murdered his father only with a thought, that shows how immensely strong the force was with him. He also defeated Revan once in duel.

7. Darth Revan

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Revan was a extremely powerful Jedi, but when the council turned down his request to intervene the Mandalorian invasions, he broke off with his apprentice to aid the outer rim settlers in an attempt to save their lives. However, as fate would have it, his intentions were pure, but as he drew power in order to strengthen the defense and win the war, his mind was corrupted by the dark side of the force, and he eventually became a Sith Lord. But his real power was that he could turn the Jedi into his allies if given the opportunity, and he put that to good use turned countless Jedi to the dark side. Thankfully he was confronted and defeated by the Jedi council, and then he was able to turn away from the dark side and regained his identity as a Jedi master.

6. Darth Malgus

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 Hailed as a hero of the Sith order in the Great Galactic War, Darth Malgus was a born leader and cunning general. He along with his master reclaimed the Sith home world of Korriban from the Republic. There are not many Sith lords who claim to have sacked the temple of the Jedi order itself. Which Malgus did, and had his wicked way with it. He also slew hundreds of Jedi knights in the process, including half of the Jedi high council.

5. Darth Malak

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We are half way through our list of top ten Sith lords and at number 5 we have Darth Malak. Marka Ragnos is famed for his incredible prowess of the light saber. He is considered to be best duelist in the entire Start Wars Universe. His unparalleled mastery of the light saber and prodigal command over the force brought him fame and power very early on in his life. He was the apprentice of the famed Jedi turned Sith Revan. Once Revan was captured by the Jedi, the replaced him and took over as the leader of Revan’s Sith order. However, he was defeated by Revan in a duel in a later battle.

4. Freedon Nadd

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 He was a very powerful Jedi of the old republic. However, he sought more and more power and the lust for acquiring greater power converted him to the dark side. He slew his master in a fit of rage, and fled the republic to join the old Sith empire. He gained a the forbidden knowledge of the dark side of the force, and ventured out to seek lord Naga Sadow in Yavin 4. Where he awakened this immensely powerful entity and joined him as his apprentice. After he learned all he could from Lord Naga Sadow, he then departed from Yavin and established a kingdom at Onderon and ruled as the King until his death.

3. Darth Bane

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 He was a Sith scholar of sort, of course he had mastery over the force and his light saber, but he also relied on cunning very much. He was the one who came up with the “rule of the two” the Sith follow religiously. He was also able to manipulate the force in a way, that otherwise would require multiple powerful Sith Lords to achieve. He clad himself in orbalisk armor, which even a light saber could not penetrate. He was practically invincible.

2. Darth Sidious

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The infamous emperor of the Galactic Empire himself makes our number two spot. Well, it can be argued that his mastery of the light saber is questionable, but what sets him apart is his ability of persuasion. He is like the Devil himself. As direct result of his persuasive abilities the entire Star Wars Universe suffered a great deal. He is the one who converted the chosen one to the dark side and established the Greatest Sith Empire.

1. Darth Vader

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Of course the number one spot has to be awarded to the Darth Vader. After all, he is the one that the entire Star Wars saga was based upon. He is the chosen one who was tasked with bringing the balance to the world. He is also one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever walk the Star Wars Universe. The most unfortunate thing about Vader was that he could not abandon his emotions, as the Jedi coulis preached. It is true that the lust for power blinded him and turned him to the dark side, but he did not sought the power of immortality for himself, he merely wished to protect the ones he loved. Anakin failed to protect his mother from the sand people, and he just could not bear the thought of losing his wife. But in the end, he did fulfill the prophecy, and brought balance and order back to the galaxy.

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