10 Funniest Christmas Movies

Are you getting tired of searching funny Christmas movies? Can’t you find holiday movies to pass your holiday? Can’t you find the best Christmas movies or the list of Christmas films? Are you searching for classic Christmas movies? If these all are true, we can make you sure that you are now on the best site which will bring you the best answers. Christmas has always been one of the most famous and enjoying festivals all over the world. It talks about the get together where all meet to share one of their days together and make everyone happy. It’s actually the celebration of Lord Jesus’s birthday on 25th of December. Christmas movies are usually based on this attention drawing occasion. Some of all also like to pass the Christmas day staying at home lazy and watching movies with friends or family. These movies uncover various ways to enjoy Christmas parties, new ideas about planning the day or enjoying everything in one’s own style. However, it is one of the best sources to know more about Christmas Day.

As all of the people want to enjoy the best movies and get entertained, there was a necessity to make a real list of the funniest Christmas movies thus people can reach to their desire. The very common Google search and through so many movie sites, a list of funniest Christmas movies has been created. Movies from the very beginning to today’s have been taken into it. The movie ranking, box-office success as well as people’s choice have been so effective to find the extremely funny one and put them on a list. Though Christmas is a fixed festival that will usually be cherished to be enjoyed on Christmas Day, the entire year keeps the flame of it. So, it isn’t necessary to watch or enjoy the Christmas movies only during the Christmas period. People have been watching these movies boundlessly and are loving them. So many surveys are there and measuring all of them so many funniest Christmas movies came up according to the ratings and votes they gained. These movies earned hugely and made a great response. To have an idea about the say, you can have a visit on IMBD (http://www.imdb.com/) and so on. 

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is having a 7.1-star rating with a vote of 40,035. After consuming every single ranking, the movie success rate of Arthur Christmas is 92 %.

A Christmas Story

This movie was made in 1983 and it had been able to take viewers’ attention. This movie’s success rate is 89 % with an audience score of 88%. The IMDB rating is 8.0 which shows that this is surely a great movie that everybody should watch.


Elf gained 78% box office success. This is also rated with 6.9 stars and holding more than 165k votes.

Home Alone

In the movie, there is a little boy who’s being certainly irritated by some. It has brought a great response with a rating of 7.5 and a huge amount of vote. It’s mostly audiences were children. From 1990 when this movie came for the first time to now, this movie is considered one of the funniest films. 

Bad Santa

Getting 7.1 rating Bad Santa has always created a huge audience who made the movie successful. The movie was named after the main character of the movie. Santa always satisfies all and makes everyone happy where this Santa was not that good what made him bad. This movie is full of fun and grew with 119k votes.

The Ref

The Ref is a movie from 1994 which was considered an American black comedy film. 6.9-star rating declares the movie’s gain. People had chosen to vote this movie about 21k times.

The Santa Clause

With a rating of 6.4 and 73k votes, The Santa Clause is one of those Christmas movies that had been risen early after its release. It has gained a great box-office success.


7-star rating and 68k votes stand for Scrooged. It is an American Christmas comedy film that was released in 1988. This movie has always been creating its audience and till now it’s being watched without a limit.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is having a 6.6-star rating and a large number of viewers. It’s an animated movie which is also a Christmas musical fantasy film. The Polar Express earned 136.6k votes and 92% viewers liked this film.

Love Actually

Love actually was released in 2003. It’s a Christmas-themed comedy film. The name, Love Actually gives an idea of the romantic genre of this movie. Having 7.7 rating and 349.8k votes, Love Actually became one of the most top Christmas movies.

These 10 funniest Christmas movies will make your Christmas more glorious and filled with new specialties. And in case you don’t like any of them… there’s always “Die Hard“!

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