20 Ways to Spend Time With Yourself

Often times, we as mothers forget the most important person in our lives, ourselves. It is said that you first need to love yourself before you can love others. This involves taking care of yourself, building yourself and spending time with yourself. You-time can have way more benefits than you think! Just check out Psychology Today’s article 6 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Alone to see for yourself!

Spending more time alone can be difficult when you’re a stay at home mom, wife and home keeper. Trust me, I know. However, it’s not impossible. Many of these simple things can be done while the kids are asleep or while daddy babysits.


A newspaper, book, magazine, bible…read whatever makes you relax and feel better.

Sit and relax

Sometimes you just need to clear your schedule and do nothing…by yourself.

Have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or your favorite drink

You can do this while doing #2 above.

Watch a movie or episode

Forget your own little world and wander off into someone else’s. The TV can sometimes be the best company.

Go for a walk or jog

You get to burn some calories AND reflect. Win win.

Go shopping

Splurge on yourself and make you know that you deserve it.


Is there any better way to spend time with yourself?

Take a hot shower or bath

There’s nothing in the world more relaxing. Add a glass of wine within reach of the tub.


This is not MY idea of a good time with myself but hey…it works for some.

Listen to music

Headphones on. World off.

On the toilet

Seriously, sometimes as a mom, you need to pretend to do this…just to get some alone time.

Try to learn a new skill

Cooking, photography, learning to play an instrument or dancing can all be learnt on your own. Well it is if you don’t count the instructor person in the YouTube video.


Set aside some time for yourself. It will make you feel so much better to do this.

Surf the Internet

Read blogs (here is a good place to start :D), google stuff, facebook stalk. If someone enjoys refreshing their feed every 2 minutes, who are we to judge.


Write anything from a book, a blog, a poem, a diary.


I’ve heard that it can make you happy and relax you. I won’t know (lol).

Go to the park, beach, your beautiful place

Admire and appreciate natural beauty


Future plans, goals and aspirations, loved ones, blessings, happy thoughts…whatever makes you feel better, you think about it.

Play a game

Are you a video games chick? Go for it! Are you not? Still give it a try!

Do yoga

Breathe deeply, meditate and relax.

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