6 habits that help make you a better mom

We all have those moments as moms where we just want to hold our heads and scream our lives out! The toys are scattered 2 minutes after we pack it, food is everywhere but in their mouths, tantrums are thrown just for attention, and the list can go on and on. Whenever you feel like you’re about to explode, come back to this list. By the time you read it through, you’ll be fine again and ready to face your next big mess of the day!


Ask God for the strength, courage, patience and understanding. God blesses mommies with a supernatural gift. All you have to do is ask and it shall be given unto you! He promises!

Inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth. It helps you relax and calms you more than you can imagine.

Take Deeps Breaths

Count to 10

Yup, it works. And you simultaneously get to give your toddler and lesson in numbers. Before you reach 7, you’ll be in much higher spirits!

Is your reaction necessary? Will you or your kids benefit from it in any way? Will you regret it later?

Think Before You Speak Or Act


Seriously. Sleep as much as you can. Get 6-8 hours at night if possible. Trust me, I know how tough that can be with a baby. If not, sleep whenever baby sleeps. Sleep will make you less of a mean mommy (hopefully).

Always be thankful that you’re dealing with a tantrum, or cleaning up a mess, or pulling out your hair over a healthy, happy (although he may not seem so at that moment) toddler… Or just be thankful that he’s here another day to explore all the spaces in your house that he’s not allowed to be.

Be Thankful

Good luck, mamas!

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