6 Ways To Be A Stay At Home Mom AND Accomplish Stuff For Yourself Too

Stay at home moms – the jack of all trades. You name it, we do it. We work night and day, doing the same thing over and over again. I often tell my husband that he’s lucky to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a work project. I on the other hand, hate cleaning a kitchen that will be dirty again in 30 minutes. I hate knowing that the toys would be scattered 5 minutes after I pick them up. But that’s my job. Housekeeping is part of my job description.

Now don’t get me wrong. I feel extremely blessed that I am at home with my little one and I am happy since I know that no one else can take care of her like I do. But I still miss the feeling that you get when you accomplish something for you. Know what I mean? The one you felt when you saw an A in your report card for a course that you worked really hard on, or when you simply finished something you started. Transitioning to the life of a stay at home mom can be difficult, especially for new mothers. Sometimes you can lose your sense of identity as you begin to realize that it’s not about you anymore. And that’s how I felt. Until I realized that it is still about me!

Becoming a mom does not make your own needs null or void. Before you can take care of others, you need to take care of you. A happy mom is a better mom! I am not saying you should ignore your hungry, crying baby because you are shopping! I am saying that a mommy is super- hero enough to take care of both her baby and herself! When last have you felt accomplished about doing something for you?!


Of course I added this as number one on the list. Remember how I was telling my husband that I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment just like he did at the end of his work projects? Blogging now does that for me! Blogging has actually become my job. It started as a hobby and then I started getting paid for it. Yup, that’s right! I get paid doing something that I love AND I get to be home with my daughter too.

If you love to write and feel like you know enough about something that you can share with others (I chose motherhood, obvi. I feel like it now surpasses my college degree haha), you might be interested in starting a blog. You can do it for fun or to make some extra money (this will only happen with hard work and some time). Either way, every published post leaves you with a feeling of great accomplishment!

Exercise & eat healthy

Is there a particular weight goal you have in mind? Have you been wanting to start eating healthier but you’ve been waiting for New Years Eve 2025? C’mon, you can do this! Now is the time! Wake up an hour earlier, grab your baby as a dumbbell, pick up a workout DVD (I actually use this DVD and it provides amazing results – and I was not compensated in any way to say this) and get that body moving! Seeing yourself back to the sexy mama you always were leaves you with… a sense of accomplishment.

Take care of yourself

Just like working out and eating healthy, each day that passes where you don’t skip meals, eat on time and drink enough water can leave you feeling like a huge success. Hey, being a stay-at-home mom is a hard job! Sometimes you’re lucky if you remember to eat! Try to remember by keeping track of the stuff you do with a this cool, free printable.- 

Learn something new

Start a new class or do a course you always wanted to do. You can always get a babysitter, but you know what’s the best part about being a stay at home mom in the 21st century?! We can connect with the outside world right from our living rooms! There are so many colleges that offer online degrees and courses. I can also assure you that you can learn almost anything from hair styling, to make-up doing, to sous-chefing, to clothes-making, to instrument-playing to pole dancing (surprise your hubby…wink wink) from Google and YouTube videos! I’ll tell you, you can build a house from ground up using Google. All in all, learning a new art leaves you feeling accomplished. And you know what else is awesome about it? You feel good about yourself and you can make/do a lot of cool stuff for your family too. Chelsea from Life With My Littles has some really cool stuff for newbies (like me).

Read a book (that does not teach about a bus, a dog, or the ABCs)

I don’t know about you but completing a book is one of the best (also sad-that-it-is-finished-I-must-get-another-book-soon) feelings in the world. It entertains you, you learn stuff and you’re doing something for you.


Fix stuff up! Refurbish an old dresser, make a pretty spice rack for the kitchen, turn some drawers into a bookshelf. There is a world of information out there to guide you along your way! Make your house look like something out of a magazine. Seeing your final product provides you with what? Yup, you guessed it! A feeling of great accomplishment!

Being a stay at home mom, you often get lost in the usual hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Some days, your biggest accomplishment would be getting out of bed and keeping your kids alive. For the other days, you can try some of the above. Do something for you. Accomplish something for yourself today!

Are there other things stay-at-home moms can do to accomplish something for themselves? Share your tips! I love hearing from you!

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