Adult Birthday Party Idea | Party for Special Memories

Isn’t that what you’re after?

A party theme that says “I really care about you and want you to remember this for a long time”.

As one guru said and it may be true here: “People forget what is said, vaguely recall what actually happened but ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember how it made them feel.”

If that is your goal – to get them feeling like they are the only one in the world– then please read on.

Our view on themes is simple: they are the catalyst for tremendous energy, unleashed creativity and the best place to start planning the celebration.

You know the person well? Well enough to know what they might like? A few strategic and subtle questions might lead to a clue. Low key or extravagant? A visit to a new restaurant? Dressing up as Ninja Turtles on the subway home from work… Don’t laugh!! I saw that party when living in London.

In choosing a party theme have a look at this check list of the ten most crucial elements to consider:

  • The B-day Person – is it to embarrass, worm your way into their heart ,payback for your birthday
  • Your skills and resources
  • Time to delivery
  • Help Needed to pull it off
  • Little Touches
  • Cost
  • Spread the Enthusiasm
  • Runsheet is a Must Have
  • Archival variety

Golden Rule: never half assed

For young Adults to Older Folks - 18 years and beyond

“Good adult birthday party ideas are hard to find”, said a participant at a recent party.

I’d argue that.

Grown ups are big kids and they will love a thoughtful party celebration.

Let’s look at a life cycle and probe a bit to see what having a birthday every year for your whole life might look like.

A family of four (Mum, Dad and 2 kids) with two grandparents in one decade will have as a minimum 60 birthdays. Take into account friends, co-workers, uncles and aunts and you can see that the figure would jump.

Are you going to have 10 birthdays in that decade or the same day rolled out ten times?

I can hear the protests. Sure, not every year. But that’s thinking extravaganza. Our focus is about finding a way to celebrate each year in a significant way given what’s going on and how everyone is traveling in their own life cycle.

I was shocked when driving back from Sydney (1.5hrs) in a car of new colleagues when as part of the sharing I mentioned my ritual of a hand made themed cake for my wife on her birthday. One man piped up: “I couldn’t do that. “Cause then I’d have to do it every birthday”

I was floored.
That’s the point mate!

Every year I do this. I now do it for my daughter and it has become a part of our families glue. The buzz around “what is Dad doing THIS TIME?” is amazing.

Milestone Birthdays - Concepts to embrace

What is a milestone?

Well, it’s what’s important to celebrate for the individual, his family or the culture they belong to. In Australia there is big emphasis on the 21st as the coming of age adult party. Equally important, it seems, is the 18th (when adults can legally vote and drink. This also gets a lot of attention. In other countries there are variations.

Age sensitivity: you might not appreciate all there is to this age /person. Grand Dad may not enjoy PC Idol party. Respect their wishes!

Extravagance vs style: Cost without cool is not what’s needed. The reverse is true.

Research – Probe discreetly

Expectation minefield

Share the supervisoryload potluck dinner, bring a plate

A word on Family attending: think about it first. How extended is the family? How well do people get on? Can we have a dinner at one time and the party experience at another.

Corporate Birthday Gift Ideas

Do something other than a cake.


Ok, let me explain…

It is quite likely that you have been given the responsibility of planning a party or some form of birthday acknowledgement for a person at hthe office.

Now, this could be a directive from above (The Boss), something you have initiated and feel will add to team morale perhaps. Great, what an opportunity for you.

A well planned corporate gift idea can go way beyond running to the department store at 4.45pm to grab a cheap pen. Think of what the gift will say. Vocabulary of a gift (link). Or the grand-daddy of them all – ducking down to the local bakery for a cake just like all the other ones we’ve had.

Yes, I hear the CEO and VPs saying: “it’s not our responsibility to organize cakes etc., this IS a business you know! ” No it isn’t. But think of the return on your small investment in productivity.

Its part of the culture, your business folk-lore and the smooth running of a social group called a place of business.

The corporate gift ideas basket can over flow if you challenge the status quo and put a well planned occasion into action. Of course, it may set a precedent, have the staff full of positive expectations, increase productivity, improve spirit and morale and bring the boss less problems to deal with – then so be it!

By thinking through a few of these things can reduce stress, and make for an enjoyable, memorable time for everyone. Once you choose the best adult birthday party idea for your celebration, get stuck into the planning quickly.

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