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Ohmygosh this salad has sooo many veggies on it, it’s basically healthy. So, I added some brisket and crushed up some tortilla chips to try and undo some of the healthiness. ‘Cause too much of a good thing can…you know…be bad.

But grilled veggies are delicious. Especially when they’re topped with this tomatillo dressing that I firmly believe can double as a salsa…a belief that I backed-up by serving it as a salsa with chips. Win-win. Actually, now that I’m writing about chips and salsa, I kinda want to go eat some. I have no will power.

Oh well. You don’t need will power when it comes to this salad because if something has a vegetable in it then its zero calories. Right? Let’s just say that’s correct. Anyway, this salad. It’s crazy easy because the brisket cooks in the slow cooker and the veggies cook on the grill. And if you’re like I was not too long ago and don’t know how to use the grill, no worries I’m sure you know someone who does. And then you really have even less work to do. Check you out.


So for a little over a year I was a strict vegan. And then I remembered bacon. But during that time I tried a bunch of new foods and experimented with cooking with veggies in some crazy ways. Not everything was a success. My first vegan cake was a complete disaster (it called for tofu and I just mentally could not get past that). But, I did find some dishes that I really love and even prefer to be sans meat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some buffalo chicken, but I also love buffalo roasted chickpeas. Maybe I just love buffalo sauce? Mmmm buffalo pasta…and pizza…and tacos. Oh my.

And while this recipe isn’t strictly vegan, it like totally can be (I felt like channeling my inner-Clueless-self for a minute). Just sub-in vegan products for the milk, mayo and sour cream. Easy-peasy. Chickpeasy that is…I might need to get some rest soon.

But not before I give you this recipe ’cause carnivores and herbivores alike love it. Crispy, spicy, creamy delicious all wrapped up in a tortilla. And side-note, while I’m all for taking the lazy easy way out, don’t skip out and buy ranch instead of making it, I promise you, if you make your own ranch just once you will never want to go back to the gelatinous monstrosity that is bottled ranch dressing.


It was just a matter of time before I posted a bacon recipe. Truthfully, I’m surprised it took me this long. Because bacon is my favorite food group. Followed closely by chocolate. Normally I prefer my deviled eggs without anything fancy in them, but I don’t consider bacon to be fancy. And I like to add it to just about it anything.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, which for me means eating mostly fruit and chips and salsa until I make the food for the blog. So I pretty much face-planted into these eggs and they made a delicious lunch. Bacon, eggs and all-over awesomeness.


Ohmygoodness y’all, summer is finally here. Which means we get to grill all the things!

Sooooo…you know how I’m not a grill expert? Well the other day I was all impressed with myself that I turned on the grill and used it all by myself…until my mom called and asked if I had remembered to turn off the gas. Ummm no. No I had not. But no worries, crisis diverted. Or avoided. Nothing exploded, so I’m going to put that one down as a win.

And I’m going to put these hamburgers in that same category. They are delicious. I’m not usually a big fan of pineapple. I don’t really care for it on a pizza, but with this burger it is so yummy.

I pictured/ate mine without a bun, not ’cause I’m trying to be super healthy but because GF buns from the store are not tasty, and this burger was just as good without it!


Soooo…summer totally snuck up on me. Maybe because of all the rain we’ve had lately? Whatever the reason, I’ve been hearing parents talk about how their kids are out of school now thinking, man that is really early for them to be out but then I realized we’re already in June. What?!

Which mostly means I have not even been thinking about wearing a swimsuit. In public. Instead, I’ve been thinking about how to get more chocolate into my system… So, as a result I was a the gym for 2 hours yesterday (and I’m really feeling it today!) trying to undo about 6 months of unhealthy eating.

‘Cause I’ve been eating things like this. Oatmeal toasted in butter and then sweetened with sweetened condensed milk and berries. Yeah…that’s about how my life goes.

I have always loved breakfast. I mean, you get to like eat dessert as a meal-what’s not to love? And no one tries to get you to add veggies to oatmeal or pancakes or french toast. Win-win. But…as an adult I have started enjoying having fruits and veggies at breakfast. Which is why I added fruits to this oatmeal. ‘Cause I’m healthy like that.


I’m gonna kick-off grill week with the cutest little snack ever. Just a little nibblet of chicken marinated in yummy lime, zippy cilantro and paired with the little baby heirloom tomatoes. All-in-all this is just a cute dish.

Oh…and it’s yummy. Now that the sun is back here in Texas, I am so psyched that it’s grill week because I can’t think of anything I would rather do than chill on the patio with a tall, cool drink and grill something. Just about anything (as you will see as the week goes on).

I’m not gonna lie, a year ago I didn’t know how to even turn the grill on. I figured that if I knew what I was doing in the kitchen I would leave the grilling to someone else. ‘Cause I’m lazy like that. But…then I learned and now I understand why guys like to grill so much. You get to sit outside, drink and cook delicious food. Win-win-win.

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