Build this child playhouse together and watch the fun-filled challenge begin.

A child playhouse that’s big enough to house your actual child or children. Just before you throw away those larger size boxes, here is how to make a house that will be just the right size to give your children some moments of fun and you another activity to do together.

Family fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Our children love to build their very own tents and playhouses. We love to get their creative input as well because they always seem to get and stay way more excited about the things we build together as a family rather than the things we go and buy.

And maybe, just maybe yours will as well if you try at least once.

Another thing we have found is that they seem to play together with less fights with the creations we all pitch in to make much longer than any of the $50 plus tents, “bouncers” or playhouses in which we have spent our hard earned money.

Basic Materials - Children Playhouse Idea

2 or 3 large cardboard boxes
Packaging or masking tape
Knife, box cutter or scissors
Wallpaper or paint (optional)
Thin cardboard boxes (optional)

Place all of the larger, more steadier boxes on the floor using the length and width that you desire for the playhouse. Lets say you are aiming for a larger size children playhouse, than you may want to consider going three in length by two in the width.

On the other hand, maybe you want a shorter size home – than maybe two boxes in length and two boxes in width will work best. Carefully cut out the sides to get to the exact length and width you desire and then tape together the pieces.

You may want to tape each portion as you go along to help the playhouse keep its structure and to keep from losing your place. To get a high pitch or raised ceiling for the children playhouse, add smaller pieces of the thinner boxes to the raised flaps and tape them together.

Finally, cut in a doorway that opens from the side like a real door or make it into a crawlspace that opens like a drawbridge. For the windows, you can completely cut out or make them where they can open and shut like shutters. You can always use little strings to make everything operable.

For the floors, you may want to have a “new age” floor and what that means is it has to be able to be easily removed for cleanup. So for that we use an old sheet or comforter that is no longer being used.

Finalize this entire children playhouse project by letting them add some additional touches to the project with the paint or wallpaper.

Smaller children are usually a little bit easier to please when it comes to family fun and setting up a playhouse etc. And not only that, but you can also take some things that are already found around the home to have some family fun including building tents with queen or king sized sheets.

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