Common Healthy Foods and Yogurt

Among the thousands of different kind of foods we have, only few of them have decent amount of nutrients our bodies need. Name of some common easy to get proven healthy foods that are!

Fish, Why they are Healthy:

Healthiest sources of protein of the world. Especially saltwater fish as they are not raised with chemically fertilized food.

Where to Get: Try to get the safest fish to eat. Sustainably managed fisheries like Alaskan salmon and wild caught sardines are the best. There are some farmed fish that are raised without chemical fertilizers and good for health. But ignore farmed tilapia and catfish as they are fed genetically modified corn and grown with pesticides.

Mushrooms, Why they are Healthy:

Mushrooms helps to prevent infection and give massive boost to our immune system. Research found that compounds of mushroom can fight diseases such as breast cancer.

Where to Get: They are commonly available in local farmer markets and supermarkets. But try to avoid artificial one and always go for the organic.

Honey, You Probably Already Know This!

Honey is full of antioxidants and often being used to treatment wound as antiseptic. It has phytoestrogens that can reduce breast, prostate and endometrial cancer. Honey also has a low glycemic index, so using it instead of sugar to sweeten tea or coffee will help you to keep our blood-sugar level good.

Where to Get: Local honey from nearby farmer is the best honey you can get. A recent test by Food Safety News revealed that more than 75 percent of the honey sold in the U.S. is so heavily processed and filtered, a process that removes all of the pollen in honey, that it would fail quality standards set by most of the world’s food agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration. So it will be safe if you just avoid processed honey.

Nuts, Why they are Healthy:

Nuts have all the necessary protein and minerals without the extra pesticides. They are also good sources of fatty acids that protect the brain, bone and heart. And Coconuts! though coconut has large amount of saturated fat, coconut extracts, especially oil is found to be exceptionally healthy. It lowers the chance of heart disease and improves immune system to fight bacterial and viral infection.

Where to Get: Pecan and pine trees grow only in certain areas; you will see walnut trees everywhere. Try to ignore chemically fertilized nuts and get organic from the trees directly if possible. Also, nowadays, there are so many plantations all over the world. So, it is not hard to find coconut in market. And as every edible part of coconut is good for health and tasty too, it is best if you can eat them raw.

Yogurt for Health

First of all, you must remember that yogurt is made from milk. So, if anything yogurt can do, it is boosting or protein and calcium. But there is more! Not only it is going to help you to become healthy but also it will help you to lose weight and get in better shape. So, if you are interested in yogurt, you should know more about it and decide what you should eat and how you should eat.

Types of Yogurt

If you were thinking that all kind of yogurt is same helpful to your body, you got it all wrong. Comparing the ingredients and making technique there basically 3 types of yogurt. More details of them are given below.

  • Swiss Yogurt: Fruit or other flavored yogurt, slightly thinner than regular yogurt, has more sugar and less calcium. Possible to eat as is, with dessert or cold beverages.
  • Regular Yogurt: Has a characteristic thick texture and good for using in recipes. Contains more protein than any other types of yogurt.
  • Greek Yogurt: also referred to as Mediterranean or Mediterranean-style yogurt and mostly known for using in salad. And has the perfect amount of calcium, vitamin D and protein.

And beside the types the ingredients also varies from brand to brand. So you should read the label and know about what is inside before buying it. For an example, Swiss yogurt has less calcium than regular one because the sugar and fruit take up precious space. If you are health conscious, go for Stonyfield Farms Fat Free Smooth and Creamy and Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy, which contain at least twenty percent daily value of calcium and vitamin D.

Benefits of Yogurt

This awesome dairy good is so much popular these days and mostly because health experts around the world are saying about how healthy yogurt is. Let’s take a look at details, shall we?

  • No Harmful Fat: Maybe you like to have snack often, but you are afraid of getting obese because of eating too much. Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt contains 0 gram of saturated fat and cholesterol which means you can eat as much yogurt you want without putting your health in any danger.
  • Healthy Bone: Basically yogurt is made of highly concentrated milk, so it has more calcium than almost any dairy food. The consumption of Greek yogurt has average 20% calcium and fair amount of vitamin D, what made it an effective bone strengthener.
  • Losing Weight: Since yogurt has decent amount of calcium, it allows our fat cell to pump out less cortisol, and that make it easier to lose weight. While the amino acids in yogurt help us burning the fat.
  • Bodybuilding: If you are interested in getting buffed, you will be happy to know that yogurt has around 30% of protein which will allow you to build muscle faster.

As someone who cares about the health and wants to stay healthy, you must consider these foods too.

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