Deal With Your Bad Habits as You Would Nut Grass

The other day I was pulling weeds one of my mother’s garden beds. There’s a particular weed called nut grass which I was deliberately leaving in the beds.

I was using my bare hands to pull the weeds out by their roots. However, nut grass has a tendency to break off in your hands. It leaves behind a root which has little ‘nuts’ spaced along its length. The ‘nuts’ are about the size of a hazelnut and, in time, they sprout, bear new shoots and do on to generate their own root system.

So you see, to effectively get rid of this weed you have to carefully dig it out. Breaking off the shoots may look effective in the short-term but before you know it your garden bed will be literally covered in nut grass.

Even when you aim to dig this pesky grass out you’re unlikely to get rid of it the first time because of the complexity of its root system. It is process you’ll have to keep repeating but so long as you do so you’ll keep this weed under control, giving the plants you wish to cultivate a greater chance of thriving.

The same thing can be said with respect to getting rid of bad habits. Bad habits are often deep-rooted within you and just using a superficial, sporadic approach to getting rid of bad habits will be met with limited success.

You have to be thorough and relentless in your approach. You also need to have a measure of patience because you’ll be sorely tested time and time again. However, if you are consistent with your efforts to eradicate bad habits and replace them with new positive habits over time you’ll reap great results.

Your bad habits will grow weaker and weaker allowing you to reap the benefits of the good habits you’ve chosen to cultivate instead.

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