Parents and family members alike often struggle after the death of a child.

I loss my thirty-six year old daughter to a life long battle with tumors. The first one was located and removed from her brain and than another that later developed on her spine. All of this we went through from the age of seventeen.

I also loss my baby son when he died fatally at the age of twenty-five when his best friend went to sleep at the wheel. Losing a child or the death of a child is a very, very emotional deal not only for the parents but every family member.

A mom’s love is something that not one person can truly explain. It is one that is made of deep devotion, many willing sacrifices, and loving care. But regardless of everything that motherhood encompasses, nothing can and will ever prepare you for the death of a child.

Many say that you can recover and that time heals all wounds when it comes to the death of a child. Maybe so, but truly without the help and suppoJzrt of family and friends and a lot of praying, how would I have made it through?

Getting an unexpected phone call or knock on your door to tell you that your child has gone on before you or waking up to find that another child’s long battle with her health has finally come to an end.

Losing one or two of your children can leave a big hole in your heart that never seems to close. It is one that can if your faith is not strong make you wonder, why?

Why me and why my family? But with the help of the Lord, the pain can and will start to ease. I am willing to live again even though the memories of those days are still fresh and they may be the same for you.

In my mind, my family is simply the best and the love shown to them each day even as they are grown is one they never doubt. We have our ups and our downs, our calm days and our battle days but when it comes down to it, we’re there for each other.

That’s why it hurt me to not lose one but two at young ages.

I have always lived my life for them, even now! But I tell them quite the opposite, to try to have a life for yourself and do not give up on your life just because you have become a parent because life is too short and after the child’s life, there is still yours.

Don’t get me wrong there isn’t a day or night that goes by that I don’t miss my other two children that are gone.

I do not hate the child who lived or his family because the Lord would not let me. He told me that this child has family and his family loves him too. I asked the Lord to hold my hand and he has been doing that every since and he will do the same thing for you if you will just ask to be relieve of the grief and pain.

I took very good care of my daughter all the way up until the end. We had a lot of time to talk and do many things together even though the doctor kept telling me she was getting weaker.

I didn’t want my child to be placed into a convalescent home or for her siblings to give up their life and so I prayed. I had mixed feelings about this until it came to me that the Lord does not always answer the way we would like. And still I Pray!

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