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Encounter at Lemp Mansion-St. Louis, Mo

July 11, 2007

Lemp Mansion, located in St. Louis, Missouri, was called by Life magazine “one of the ten most haunted places in America” in 1982.Lemp Mansion was built in the early 1860’s. William J. Lemp, the son of the founder of Lemp Brewery, John Adam Lemp, was the first member of the Lemp family to live there. The Lemps were one of the richest families in St. Louis by 1870 due to the great success of the brewery. Troubles began for the Lemps in 1901, when William Sr.’s favorite son, Frederick, died mysteriously at the age of 28. He was the heir apparent to the Lemp legacy, and his father was crushed. In 1904, still despondent over his loss, William Sr. went into his office and shot himself through the heart. His son, William Lemp, Jr., took over the business. In 1920, William’s sister Elsa also committed suicide by shooting herself, although not in the mansion. In 1922, William sold the brewery at a huge loss. After the sale, he went into the same office that his father had nearly two decades before and shot himself. Despite all the tragic events that transpired in the mansion, the surviving Lemp, Charles, remained there. He was brother to William, Elsa, Frederick and one other surviving Lemp, Edwin. In 1949, at the age of seventy-seven, Charles killed the family dog and then shot himself.

Encounter at Karsten Inn

September 15, 2006

Bought in 1911 by William Karston Sr.The hotel has an illustrious history that was almost cut short by horrific fire in 1912. William had a special relationship with his grandson Billy and wherever you found grandpa Billy was right next to him, they were inseparable. In 1940, William Karston Sr. died in his sleep of a heart attack. Three weeks later, his little grandson, 5 year old Billy, died of a sudden illness. Soon after the staff started receiving reports of a little boy playing in the halls sometimes with the children of guests, from time to time there are sightings of him as well as William Sr. Billy is considered quite the prankster, One prank was to a staff member who had brought her 3 year old son along with her to work one day. As she sat him down to eat lunch, he started making faces and sticking out his tongue. She told him to stop doing that. He stopped for a while, but then continued to stick out his tongue and make faces. She told him he was being rude, and asked him why he wasn’t listening to her. Her son said: Mom, that little boy in the corner is sticking his tongue out at me, so I’m just doing it back!” Since they were alone in the room, just her and her son, she decided to take him home and never has brought him back to the Inn.The other story and probably the most active of the spirits at the hotel is Agatha, she was a maid at the Karsten Inn for many years and apparently still resides there. Guests who stay in her room 310 report sightings of a woman sitting at the foot of their bed as well as sightings of all over the hotel. There have been so many sightings of Agatha that the hotel has a book where people can write their experiences.

Encounter at Walker House

July 30, 2006

The Walker House was built in the mid 1800’s and was the site of the hanging of William Caffee who rode on his casket playing the death march with 2 beer bottles. There is much debate about whether the man he shot and killed was murder or self-defense. Since his hanging over the years there have been many reports of ghostly apparitions as well as footsteps and other ghostly phenomena.

Encounter at Malt House Theater

March 25, 2006

“The Malt House Theater in Burlington, home of the Haylofters Community Theater, has a resident ghost, dubbed “Esmeralda” by the members. So many have seen her, but mostly we have strange things happen, lights flicker and go out (and often return on when we ask for it), and props are moved when no one is around. During a production of “Camelot” one summer, the director unlocked and opened up the theater to find that the candles on stage had been recently lit. An actor standing at the back of the theater waiting for a cue during a rehearsal heard a low voice growl, “Get off my a–!” Other noises and general creepy feelings have been acknowledged, and the up left corner backstage is usually cold and clammy feeling, even when the rest of the theater is warm. It is generally accepted that she wears a long, blue Victorian dress, and she has never done anything really nasty. Once, when directing a children’s show, some of my kids (who knew nothing of Essie) came in from waiting outside in the area behind the theater to say “a lady in a long blue dress was floating back there.”

Encounter at JFK Prep/St. Nazianz Seminary

March 4, 2006

It is said that Father Oswald the founder of the Seminary was a renegade priest who came to this country to begin a cult. While it is true that he was a bit of a free thinker, he did in fact come to this country with the blessing and support of the Catholic Church. Some how the stories of pedophilia, homosexual practices, incest, etc… all untrue according to the historians we spoke with the night of our investigation. Other stories that some how took on a life of their own are that Father Oswald’s followers are buried in front of his Crypt and that their graves move up and down alternately. While it is true Father Oswald is buried there, only other Salvatorian Priest’s are buried there, another story is actually pretty funny, it is said that Father Oswald rides the grounds on a white and that he is headless. The real story goes like this, a priest named Father Roger decided to play a joke on the students at the school he decided to ride a white horse which they kept on the grounds in 1968 with a cloak over his head, hence the story of Father Oswald. Other stories as well are just that.

Father Oschwald (1801-1873) was the founder of the Seminary at St. Nazianz back in 1854. He started as a Catholic priest in Germany, but he was considered by the Catholic Church leaders as a trouble-maker, because he had his own radical ideas about spiritualism. He was a faith healer, curing people, miraculously it seemed, of their ailments. He was the author of four books of Prophecy, foretelling things like: WWI, airplanes, and automobiles. The Catholic Church, seeing him as a rebel, and wanting to get rid of him, told him that he could stay a priest, and not be excommunicated, only if he would go to America to start a parish. He came to America, with his devout followers following him, and bought a large tract of isolated land, sight unseen, in the wilderness that is now St. Nazianz. Some say that he and his followers were somewhat of a cult. When Father Oschwald died in 1873, it is in documents that on the night of his death, there was knocking on doors by unseen hands, and other strange happenings. After his death, his aging, celibate followers needed help keeping the community going. The land and buildings, therefore, were sold to the Salvatorian Brothers. Later, the Salvatorians started what was known as the JFK Prep School (1968-1982), with male and female student dorms on the property. In the 1970’s, a female student hung herself in one of the buildings, for unknown reasons. There were a lot of financial problems keeping up the property and many buildings, and the Salvatorians abandoned the buildings in the mid 1980’s. In 1994, the Salvatorians finally sold the property to private investors, and the buildings fell into further disrepair. Stories of sightings of Father Oschwald, and Salvatorian Brothers abound. Strange sounds, ghostly figures, etc., have contributed to the labeling of St. Nazianz Seminary as being haunted.

Encounter at St. Killian's Cemetery

January 21, 2006

Saint Killians was a church/cemetery that had many stories about devil worship in the lower levels of the church. There have been many alleged ghost sightings including odd noises,shadows, footsteps following you, a bell ringing, and various other noises. It was said that the church was burned down because of the alleged devil worship when in truth the local fire dept. used it as a training tool and burned it down a few years back.

Encounter at Rhode Opera House

December 17, 2005

Built in 1890 th opera house has been a home to Vaudeville acts as well as many others musical and theater acts in it’s 110 year existence. There Have been reports by staff and actors of paranormal activity such as full body apparitions, people being touched by a ghost, as well as cold spots and feeling like they are being watched.There have been deaths that are confirmed in the theater.

Encounter at Bender Park

October 29, 2005

The story begins 80 years ago, A farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors with an ax. All the houses in the area have been torn down since, and the road where the farm houses once stood has been closed. The old road, Plevac Road is still reachable, it is said that you will be overcome by an overwhelming sense of dread.

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