Create a relaxed home atmosphere just by creating household routines.

If you have decided to be part stay at home mom part working mom, then you and your family will benefit by establishing some household routines. Most homemakers already know this and now is the time for you to do this too whether you will be working from home or working outside the home part-time.

Household routines will become household “habits!” Household habits will become household “structure!” And household structure will mean more time for you and even more family fun time!

Not only will your children benefit from having structure but so will the adults in the family – be able to find things again, de-clutter to stress less! For example, the full time stay at home mother or homemaker may find that it works best to get all of the household chores done in the morning while everyone else is out at work or school.

A combination mom may find it best to find work that can be done in the morning while chores wait for the afternoon when everyone can share in the great wonders of housekeeping. Keep in mind that if you are about to start working at home or outside the home, your family still will benefit from household routines.

Write down all of the household chores, activities, commitments, etc. that are relevant to your lifestyle noting how much time each chore should take and how often that task needs to be done in order to stay on top of it etc. Household chores are easy I promise if done on a regular basis.

The chores I love to hate (don’t like that word) is dusting, wiping down furniture like conditioning the sofas, and wiping down walls. So what has helped as far as having to dust before polishing is putting in small air cleaner units in almost every room, using hepa filters in air conditioner units and checking them at least monthly to make sure it is still collecting – now I mostly have to keep on top of polishing.

Yes, now more than ever, your family needs to help you keep the home grounds in shape for comfortable living. Now take a deep breath, breath out and divide up the chores and even rotate chores to keep things from seeming unfair if necessary.

If you have very small children, they can be responsible for picking up behind themselves. If you have teens, they may very well have to wake up a few minutes early to make their own beds, put away their own clothes that are washed or needs to go into the hamper. Your spouse if this applies to you may actually have to set the dishwasher or help, at least, by keeping things in their place or picked up around the home.

If your family gets into the grove of actually helping you out, then this means you just may not have to pick up tons of unopened mail or toys before you can dust or pick up clothes or toys off the floor before you can mop. Ask the family for help with planning the weekly meals and get rid of the “What’s For Dinner Mom” question.

Your family may benefit even more from breaking those same household cores down even more. For example in our home, that hard-core mopping gets done bi-weekly preferably on Saturday morning when my husband is available for that heavy lifting of the sofa’s etc. and the touchups are done every Wednesday.

Our washing gets done twice a week preferably on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and clothes are never, never allowed to run over the sides of the hamper even if it means to work outside of the routine for those little emergencies.

These routines work great for my family but you will have to devise your own. I am a morning person and if I am going to do chores that morning, it is chores only and if I am going to work from home that morning, then it’s work as if I were employed outside of the home and sometimes that means ignoring the dishes until noon or if I am going to work all day – full time that day, then for my lunch break I wash some dishes or clean the bath etc – just enough to fit that time frame.

However if the household chores and yard work has already falling greatly behind, then pick a weekend before you start your new career whether at home or not and get the family to chime in to get things done or pick a room each day to get things back to normal. I prefer getting it all done in one-weekend and then working a little each day to keep things up.

There is nothing more stressful to a stay-at-home mom or working mom then things all out of place, you can’t find things or things are all dirty. Do not wait! Begin your career as part working-mom part stay-at-home-mom on a clean note.

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