How to Recycle Your Cooking Oil That is No Longer Fit for Food

Do you cook? Sometimes, if not always, you will get yourself into cooking deep fried fries or chicken, or whatever. I mean, you would use some amount of oil more than usual. Deep fries tend to use a lot of cooking oil right away and you would want to use that oil after it has been used for cooking. Sometimes, another fried dinner will get back that same oil to the pan.

What if you can no longer use it for cooking because it has turned brownish and when you were not careful enough, it could be that it’s no longer brownish, but blackish instead…and you have a gallon of it!

With the dropping dollar, you might be into some frugal mania festival. Being almost always in the needy and scout (resourceful) state, I’ve learned to use that black oil.

Turn it into light!

Rather, make it fuel to give you light. You can use it when you get power outage or if you just want to save some money. It’s surely environmental safe and it does not make your nose blackish, unlike candles.

What you need

  • steeping container like tin can or jar
  • strip of cotton cloth
  • empty bottle with tin cap
  • used oil

What to do

  1. Steep oil for about 5 days in a tin can or jar.
  2. Transfer to another container. If it fits the bottle with tin cap, then pour it there. Be careful, don’t include any steeped “trash” that sank at the bottom of the first container.
  3. Make a wick out of a strip of cotton cloth (could be the hem of an old shirt). Make sure when you make a twine that the total length will be more than the height of the bottle.
  4. Hammer a hole with a nail through the cap of the bottle. One in the middle (wick hole) and four around (breathing holes).
  5. Insert the wick cloth through the hole from inside towards the top of the cap.
  6. Get the rest of the wick inside the bottle to get it wet with the oil. Make sure to wet the top wick also–very wet with oil.
  7. Close the cap.
  8. Lit the wick.

You now have an emergency light that is not chemically dangerous and does not cost electric power and made use of your trash oil.

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