When kids go shopping, making your offline shopping easier – is it really possible?

Did you know that when kids go shopping with their parents that everyone has to go through a learning process? Its no funny joke, shopping with kids can be stressful.

Children have this thing where they want what they want when they want. And all hell can break lose.

A Reader's Question

My kids are at the ages where when you go shopping they want everything and anything they can get their little hands on in the store.

I can hardly get done with my grocery shopping because of all the temper tantrums and begging. This has really touched a nerve and is embarrassing.

And Angela Answers

Thanks for your question! You better believe this seems to be a problem for most parents especially when their children are all under the ages of six. You get me what I want or you’ll suffer the consequences.

Well I say turn that around on them. Let them see the different rewards for good and bad behavior. Good behavior deserves unexpected little rewards but not to the point where they think that’s the only reason to behave because then you’ll have another problem to correct.

I’ll never forget when my husband and I were in a local grocery store and trying to get some shopping done. We were almost finish when my oldest, who is now five, decided she was going to throw a fit behind a toy and my baby boy felt a need to help out and boy were we both embarrassed.

But little did they know that we needed to go to a second store. So once we were back in the vehicle, we made sure they knew the store we were going to, which happened to be one of their shopping favorites, before taking them straight to their grandma.

Upon our return, it was like mama and daddy; did you take us to grandma’s house because we did not be good? And with a quick, resounding yes, the next trip to the store went quite well.

Keep in mind that everyone including our little ones will have bad days but if this happens quite often, now will be a great time to put a plan such as this into place when you’re going shopping. Try the above if all else fails but try the below listed tips first.

Consider these three kids go shopping tips

1) Try to let (include) the kids help with the actual shopping by letting them help find things, put them into the basket, and even pay if you are not getting much etc.

2) Try to go shopping when no one, (I mean no one) is cranky, hungry, pushed for time, sleepy, or already in a family tug of war etc.

3) Try to get your shopping done at a time of convenience yes but also at a time when the stores is less crowded especially so if you will be having the kids solo.

If you plan on taking the kids shopping, maybe you can get support from a friend if your spouse does not feel a need to help do the shopping. Maybe a day solo with the kids while you go shopping or vice versa will help change their mind.

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