Five Key Nutrients to Overcome Fatigue | What to Eat When You Are Tired

Everyone is familiar with fatigue. Fatigue breaks us down physically, emotionally and makes us more vulnerable to illness, depression and often leads to heart disease. Regular exercise, decent sleep and meditation is good for fighting fatigue but sometime we just don’t have enough time for that. But there is something else that can help and it is our eating habits. Foods directly affect our fatigue state and help us getting more energy faster.

These five key nutrients we are suggesting will help you overcome your fatigue and stay healthy.

Vitamin E Rich Foods

Everyone cares more about protein, calcium and vitamin C. But according to recent research, Vitamin E is more important for recovering fatigue state. It will protect you from heart disease and improve your immune system. If your diet menu is too low on fat, you can get Vitamin E from seeds, nuts and vegetable oil. To be exact, you need average of 15 milligrams of Vitamin E on every day. So, if you are missing it, fortified cereal can help you to gain Vitamin E faster.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron helps with delivering oxygen throughout our body and that can be a nutrient to recover fatigue. Animal food like beef, lamb or poultry is a good source of heme iron which our body can absorb directly. But if you are planning to stay vegetarian, there are some fruit and vegetable containing iron. But your body can’t absorb vegetable iron efficiently. If you are in need of iron, you might want to get some meat. Beef is the best source of iron. On average day you will need around 18 mg of iron to stay healthy and energetic. So, do your math and get what you need.

Potassium Rich Foods

When you sweat, you lose a lot of fluid and mineral. Potassium helps to construct muscle and balance body fluid which ultimately can give you instant energy. Mostly Beans and vegetables are main source of potassium. Average adult people need lots of potassium every day and to be exact about the amount it is roughly 4700 mg. So if you want to stay healthy and hoping for some instant energy we suggest you to eat some baked potatoes and beans with tomato sauce.

Zinc Rich Foods

Statistics showed that we are getting less than half zinc of what we actually need to keep ourselves healthy. And that is another reason we are having fatigue state more often. Zinc helps us to maintain our metabolism so they can operate properly. The main sources of zinc are whole grains and milk products. So, if you eat fortified cereals, beans, eggs and milk, you should get sufficient zinc and that surely will help you to fight fatigue.

And last but not the least is water. It helps carry nutrients to our cells. Even mild dehydration can make us fatigue. So drink water, milk, juice or any healthy beverage and stay hydrated. You should get at least 8 oz. of water or possibly more a day. Drink whenever you are thirsty and keep your body in good health.

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