Drop Shipping | Sell Products Over the Internet Without Even Having Them!

Do you want to Sell Products Over the Internet, Without Even Having Them Available?!
You can easily, without problems, sell thousands of different products over the Internet using a service known in the world as “drop shipping” . This is what they call dropshipping , and companies are called dropshippers . In the literal translation, these words mean “direct delivery”, this industry has been over 100 years old and it appeared along with the start of sales of goods by mail.

  • SELL all kinds of goods without having them in stock!
  • STORAGE ROOM IS NOT REQUIRED – because you have nothing to store!
  • FORGET THE PROBLEMS of paperwork, packaging and shipping.
  • Drop Ship COMPANY will issue, package and send the goods to the buyer for you!
  • AND MOST ATTRACTIVE – You absolutely do not need to buy these products for further resale! You pay only after a successful sale and only when you receive money from the buyer. You cannot risk anything!

Hundreds of companies will provide you with virtually any goods for sale – from souvenirs, clothes and accessories, furniture, hi-end electronics, personal protective equipment, to cigars, spices and cookies. Already, thousands of people have created their own and profitable online business using this service and receive huge profits without leaving home.

Collaboration of private entrepreneurs with drop-ship companies is a great and easy way to start your own business without any risk. At the moment, trading in goods over the Internet is the fastest growing segment of the market.

And most importantly – you do not need to buy these products

  Endless resources of new, sought after “hot” goods

  New companies appear every month

  Each company offers dozens, hundreds of products for sale.

  No intermediaries – you establish direct contacts with the supplier

  Make profit from each sale without touching the goods being sold!

It happened! You can start your own online trading without spending a cent on the purchase of goods for resale!

Already more than 150,000 people, like you and me, have quit their daily work “uncle” and have created their own, highly profitable Internet business, selling goods at eBay or through their own online stores. What are you waiting for? Do not waste time and join!

What is dropshipping?
The “Drop shipping” service is a special relationship and agreement between the manufacturer or distributor of goods and the retailer – you. After the sale, you send the order data to the supplier and he sends the goods to the buyer.

How does it all work?
As an example, consider the process of selling watches:

Manufacturer: A company that designs and manufactures watches usually does not sell its products at retail and does not deliver goods to retailers. Manufacturers prefer to distribute goods through authorized dealers and provide them with their goods at discounted prices. For example, at $ 5 per unit of output.

Official dealer (aka dropshiper – “dropshipper”): This is a company that buys watches from the manufacturer in bulk. Subsequently, the dealer sells this watch to intermediaries (i.e. you) for $ 7 apiece.

Note: More and more manufacturers are providing dropship services, so a company can be both a manufacturer and a distributor.

Watch seller: A company selling watches to the public. You are the watch retailer. You sell watches for $ 13. After the sale, you notify the dealer of the order and he will send the order directly to the buyer. As a result, your profit was $ 6 per sale.

The most attractive thing is that the drop-ship company sends the goods on your behalf, which means that the buyer will receive a package with the label of your company (name, address and your logo) and will not guess that you did not even pack this product!

What are the advantages of Dropshipping service?

  No upfront cost for purchasing goods

  You do not need to store, pack and send the goods sold, all this Drop-Ship company will do

  Just advertise the product at an auction or in your own online store and receive orders!

  Items are sent on “your behalf” – with your contact information and logo

  The profit from the price difference remains entirely with you. If the price of the goods at the dropship of the company is 10 dollars, and you sold for 27, your profit will be 17 dollars!

  Collaborate with several companies at the same time and sell dozens, hundreds of goods!

  Moreover, you can purchase all these products for yourself personally , buying directly, and not through intermediaries and speculators! Imagine how much you can save …

Start-up capital is not needed
. Unlike traditional trading, you do not need start-up capital. You pay for the goods only after receiving payment from the buyer.

Independence from price fluctuations
Since you do not keep the goods on offer in your warehouse, you will not have to arrange a sale or lower the price if your product ceases to be in demand. You have nothing to lose and no risk!

Forget about packing and shipping problems.
You won’t have to deal with the postal service and waste time packing and processing packages. Drop-Ship company will do the work for you and will gladly send the order to the buyer on your behalf!

No limits
Add new products for sale at any time and in any quantity. You will have access to more than a million new and branded products that you can sell through your online store and at auctions.

What are the disadvantages?
There are shortcomings in any business and this service is no exception. The problem is that you do not control the stock of products in the warehouse and do not follow the process of placing and forwarding your order, but by choosing a serious and reliable company, you will minimize these problems.

What profit can be expected?
Depends on the type of goods sold and the supplier company. In most cases, your profit will be 20% -60% of the original value.

It is with the help of dropship service that you can easily create your own, international online store!

The truth about the business on the Internet: Any success depends on many factors. It is logical that without effort you will not achieve anything. Money will not flow to you if you just look at the display and dream. If you are full of strength, confidence in your undertaking and do not pay attention to the statements of losers who shout that it is impossible to make money on the Internet, you will certainly achieve success.

I cannot make you successful and rich. No one can. Your success depends only on YOU. However, I can provide you with valuable information and tools that will help you realize your dreams in the e-commerce arena.

Without a doubt, the fastest and cheapest way to start a successful online business is to trade through a Drop-Ship company.

Use this type of work as a source of additional income and provide a higher standard of living for yourself and your family. You can even quit your previous job if you decide to seriously engage in e-commerce. Online trading can become your full-fledged job and a source of huge profits. Set your own daily routine and be the master of your time!

Just for a moment, imagine how much money you can earn using the drop-ship service when you have hundreds, thousands of goods for sale at your disposal, and all that is required of you is to publish a description of the goods in your online store or at auction.

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