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While going to a spa is meant to be a relaxing experience sometimes there are some questions that you may have not even think about or even may feel uncomfortable asking.

To take the guess work out of your spa going experience we at have come up with some pretty good how to spa faqs and recommendations to make things easier for everyone involved.

Before going to the spa

What is the right spa for me?

Do some research, you can start by going to Types of Spas and read about the different options you have there.

How much should I pay for a treatment?

Well it will all depend. Your best bet is to ask about the price of the treatments at the time you are booking them to avoid an unpleasant surprise when the time to sign the bill comes.

Should I tip?

At some spas a 15% to 20% service charge is already added to the total of your bill, some of it goes to the therapist or technician. If you want to leave extra it is up to you. You must know that the extra tip is always appreciated, always. We have learned though that in clinical settings, like a dermatologist office, tips are not required.

Should I eat before a massage?

Not the best idea, but if you are hungry and you won’t be able to have a meal in a while then a light snack like a fruit or a cup of tea is the best choice. If you eat a big meal before your massage you risk getting nauseous while laying face down during a massage.

What should I wear?

Today most spas will provide you with a robe and a pair of slippers, what you choose to wear under the robe is entirely up to you. You must keep in mind the type of treatment you will be having, if it is a body treatment such as a body scrub or a body wrap you won’t need to wear clothes, if it is a treatment such as Watsu then a bathing suit is appropriate. For treatments like Shiatsu or Thai massage you just need to wear loose comfortable clothes.

What about my jewelry, cell phone or PDA?

Most likely you will have your own locker, where you should be able to leave your personal effects.

Jewelry: Leave it at home! And if you can’t do that then leave it in the locker where it won’t get in the way of the treatment. If you dont do this your therapist or technician will have to ask you to take them off and put them away, taking away from your treatment time, which is not good. And if you make the mistake to put it in the robes pockets and forgetting about it after your treatment, definitely not good.

Most spas won’t take responsibility for lost personal effects if not properly put away in a locker. Think about it.

Cell phone or PDA: Most spas aren’t cell phone friendly as previously discussed in Spa Etiquette.

Should I shower before a treatment?

Would you go to a dentist appointment without brushing your teeth? Or, how would you feel if your dentist ( after a visit to the restroom), doesn’t wash his/her hands before treating you? The same goes for body treatments.

If you were just working out, playing tennis, playing a round of golf or riding horses then the answer is definitely yes! Not only will your therapist be grateful but your body is going to be able to decompress before your treatment. This will also allow any products applied to your body to be better absorbed.

During treatments

For a massage, should I take all my clothes off?

The answer is absolutely not! You should undress to your comfort level. Therapists are trained in proper draping techniques, the therapist will keep you covered at all times, only the area being treated should be exposed

Will the therapist be there while I get on the table?

No. Your therapist will take you to the room and ask you any questions pertinent to the treatment and then proceed to give you the necessary instructions, the therapist will then, step out of the room to give you give you a few seconds of privacy to do what you need to do, like leave your robe and sleepers behind the door, and then knock on the door to verify that is OK with you for them to come in.

Should I talk during my treatment?

This is entirely up to you, if you have questions or a request about the treatment you should definitely speak up, if something is making you uncomfortable like loud music, cold room, make sure your therapist knows, they are there to make your experience as flawless as possible.

While your therapist will ask you for feed back during some treatments, do not feel obligated to converse, your therapist knows you want to relax, that is why you are there.

What if I feel uncomfortable about something during the massage or treatment?

You can tell your therapist about how you feel, if you think you need to stop the treatment go ahead and do so. You should be treated with consideration, dignity and respect anything else is unacceptable.

What if I fall asleep during a treatment?

Most people will fall asleep during relaxing treatments, the therapists know this. They are professionals and they will not judge you, in some cases for some therapists is flattering when their guests reach such states of relaxation, which means they are doing a great job!

What if I get an erection during as massage?

Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons men don’t go to a spa to get a massage and if they go and get a massage they are unable to fully relax because of this fear.

Massage therapy is stimulating to our parasympathetic nervous system, and it can cause an erection. Massage therapists are professionals and they know this, they will most likely ignore it.
If this is still an issue for you, wear a “speedo” it will conceal it better than boxer shorts.

After treatments

How long after my treatment can I stay in the room?

Not long, unfortunately, more likely than not, the room will be needed for the next treatment within the next 10m to 15 minutes. Most spas offer a lounge or relaxation room where you can sit and relax while you sip on a cup of tea or a glass of water after a treatment.

Do I really need to drink water?

Yes! You need to help your body flush the toxins released during the treatment. Really.

How long can I stay at the spa?

You could be there a whole day if that is what you wish to do. Most spas offer amenities that can prolong the spa and relaxation experience.

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