Spousal abuse is a big subject because it can happen in so many different ways.

Spousal abuse refers to the mistreatment or violence against a spouse whether it is by a same-sex partner, woman against man, man against woman or where both parties act violently against one another.

Statistically, abuse can happen any time during a relationship including in the beginning, during brief moments of failure and even when it is said to have ended. Abuse can happen once, repeatedly, or over a period of month’s even years.

There are different ways in which a person may be subjected to spousal abuse to ever go into broad details here but there are some examples listed for you to view below.

Could your instincts or female intuition be trusted as to whether your relationship has crossed the line to become spousal abuse?

Trust your instincts and intuition cause it always knows when something is just not right! All of us including men and women alike who are being abused can reasonably determine when a spouse or partner has crossed the line. It is just hard to let go of what was once good. Remember, abuse can also change from one form to another over time.

Spousal Abuse - Physical

Physical abuse includes any form of rough handling that causes one to feel powerless and with risk for injury including pushing, kicking, shaking, choking, slapping, restraint, punching, etc.

Spousal Abuse - Sexual

Sexual abuse includes any form of assault, harassment, or sexual exploitation. Sexual abusers will normally force one to participate in an unwanted, degrading or unsafe sexual act either through physical or emotional force therefore causing the abused to feel powerless in regards to their sexuality.

Spousal Abuse - Emotional

Emotional abuse is strictly using verbal war against someone in the form of criticism, threats, intimidation, name calling or other verbal tactics in order to have one feel less worthy or as if they are not at their best.

Many mothers experience this phrase, you are not a good mom, you are lazy, it’s your fault that the baby is sick etc. leaving one to second-guess themselves at all times as to whether they really are a good parent.

Abuse is about power and control! Another sneaky tactic with emotional abuse is when a partner tells the other that they make all the money so you should have everything at home taken care of, that’s your job or just issues you money as if you are a child. Controlling!

Should you stay in a relationship that involves sexual, physical or emotional abuse? Should you stay in an abusive relationship because of your love for your spouse or because there are kids? Only your family knows what goes on behind closed doors!

There’s no doubt when a relationship becomes physical or sexual abusive and really neither with emotional abuse. Women who are experiencing emotional abuse usually second guess themselves.

However, if your intuition says, your relationship has crossed the line into being spousal abuse, please get professional help to sort things out!

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