Stress symptoms are only negative when they cause you to feel out of control or pressured.

Relieve stress symptoms, lift your spirits, and change a negative mood using your very own creative outlets.

I do not know of one person that walks this green earth of ours that escapes what we call life stresses, not even mothers.

With each increase in responsibilities, each increase in obligations, and each event that happens unexpectedly, the stresses of life can become almost unbearable.

Did your shoulders start to feel tense? Did your stomach start to feel nervous? Did your mind start to quickly ramble at the thought that was put into that sentence?

Well, you will be glad to know that not all stress is bad! Actually a little bit of stress that helps you meet a deadline (mentally) or perform better physically can actually be a good thing.

Mild stress symptoms can include anything from an upset stomach, tense shoulders and/or even sweaty palms. Other more serious symptoms can become detrimental to your health so definitely check with a physician to rule out other causes,

experiencing losses of restful nights sleep
experiencing pains in the chest or migraines
experiencing depression and anxiety attacks
experiencing hair loss or rapid skin breakouts

So what can you do? What works is to discover the various points of pressure in your life and then neutralize the stress symptoms using a range of creative stress management or stress relief techniques.

Have you ever notice that instant sense of relief or calm you get when you get in a good laugh or cry during a movie or while you’re with your friends or other loved one? So what if I were to tell you that you can get in those same benefits plus more by doing things as simple as using your hands with creative projects such as scrapbooking or knitting for some.

There are tons upon tons of great ways to relieve stress and most of these stress relief actions cost little to no money and can give your mind, body and spirit a, well, wellness boost.

And one of those ways is to use moderation in everything you choose for relief!

For example, though its been suggested to get in 30-minutes of fitness, if that will cause you stress, turn it into something you truly enjoy. Maybe it is a stress relief for you when you go for a walk outside instead of using a piece of equipment or maybe engage in another form of movement such as a funny move dance.

As mentioned above, before you can really get off into relieving stress symptoms, you should first discover what are your stress triggers.

What are your stress triggers

Are they related to your career?
Are they related to motherhood?
Are they related to relationships?
Are they related to family finances?
Are they related to blah, blah, blah?

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that stress is and should be an acceptable part of life. One part of that statement is correct, the part about it being a part of life but it definitely does not have to be taken lying down.

Always refer to this old phrase, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it but if it is broke hurry up and get it fixed especially if it is causing problems like the ones mentioned above. Many people also think that stress has to revolve around something major, think again!

Stress-related issues of mothers

1) You want to be a stay at home mom but the family finances will not allow or you want to work outside the home but you are constantly told you are over qualified – That’s stressful!

2) The home has gotten unorganized especially after children and you find yourself always hunting for things you had right there or you find everyone is dependent on you – That’s Stressful!

3) You and your spouse find yourself in a romantic rut because of the demands that have been placed upon both of you and it does not allow much time and you are learning to cope – That’s Stressful!

4) You’ve taken on more responsibilities at work to bring home a better check or you’ve suddenly learned that your department is cutting back and you’re being sent to do something you despise – That’s Stressful

5) The family doesn’t understand that even superwoman needed some down time to heal her wounds, relax and unwind without someone calling her nickname, MOM or HONEY – and That’s Stressful

Find the time to employ stress relief techniques; listen to music, meditate, pray, try some type of fitness such as Tai Chi, yoga or pilates and when you just want to get something off your chest, talk to someone who respects you and who you can trust with your confidential information. Remember this, stress symptoms can be either positive or negative!

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