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Memes are the fastest way to make you smile while browsing the internet. Their photos and added quotes are often very relatable and amusing to stumble upon. The content of meme usually something of minor everyday consequence: jokes, urban legends, TV and movie references. Which is why thousands of memes are produced every year. Even if you did not watch all of the anime on the list, being a part of the anime community will be enough to understand the gist of the jokes. Today we are counting down our list of top ten anime memes.

Anime meme: Yandere Face

When you are forced to compete in a supernatural game of death, it’s nice to have somebody cover your back. Unfortunately for the main character Yuki, his protector is unhinged yuno gasai who is become the archetype of yandere or psychotic stalker anime character. The face that yuno makes when she proclaims that she will protect yukiteru, has been parodied by many artists all over the internet. There are heaps of variations of the picture but they mainly consisted well known characters from anime.

Anime meme: My job here is done

In the school and college, we all done some group projects. Group project is done by each member’s individual tasks. But there’s always one person in every group project who act like the meme’s catchphrase. In real life this kind of person exist a lot.

Anime meme: Pregnancy Test Announcement

In the late 2014, this blank template of anime hands holding a pregnancy test started popping up around the web. People started using it with matching screen cap of many fictional characters of all sexes, illustrated and live-action characters. The meme originated on the Japanese image board 2chan. In the right hands the meme can create hilarious images!

Anime meme: Spot the main character

This anime meme is very easy to understand even it’s mainly used in anime. The meme triggers something that everyone has noticed in anime, the background characters are very dull. In the captures, the main protagonists of the anime are meant to be unidentified within a large crowd of other characters, but due to their more detailed characteristic or exceptionality, their apparent standout is obvious. The meme is not only limited to anime, people make this meme from movie scenes also.

Anime meme: I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going

To understand this meme, one have to have watch or understand hentai. Any picture or video that involves tentacles, vines, long objects or any other potential pose can induce your imagination. The catchphrase to go together with the images and turn them into anime meme, often used to suggest that tentacle rape is about to happen. Unlike mostly used memes for real life stuff or cartoons, this clearly originated in well… hentai anime! No need to explain any further!, you know you’ve watched enough hentai to laugh at some of these.

Anime meme: Notice me senpai

We have seen this phrase in many anime, especially school romance comedy genre. Senpai is the Japanese honorific for someone senior to you in skill, school, or age. Often said by introverted girls in anime, it has become extensively known on the internet, Even for those who don’t watch anime. This anime meme spammed our social media feeds with either anime pictures, live action pictures with anime eyes and doodles over it, fan art, or even T-shirts. Also this is one of the oldest anime meme.

Anime meme: Just as planned

Death note has generated quite a few anime meme due to its over the top nature. “Just As Planned” is a popular catchphrase taken from a highly dramatic monologue scene in the popular anime series Death Note. It is mostly used for trolling purposes, as to imply that someone had been “played” by another individual’s premeditated ploy or trick.

Anime meme: Ability to punch over internet

We all understand that sometimes words just don’t work over the Internet. Many people think that they have the right to hurt others online with their comments. So, it would certainly come handy if at times a strong fist could knock some sense into them. Someone put this caption to Accel World’s Kuroyukihime picture and instantly become an anime meme. From then there is no stopping, this anime meme is widely used as a means of sarcasm and trolling.

Anime meme: OK

You dont have to watch one punch man series to understand Saitama’s “ok” face. The meme/picture itself is self explanatory. In the meme, F*ck given by Saitama is zero with a dry and indifferent facial expression. The meme was widely spread in the late 2015. Till date many people use this anime meme to show their zero f*ck about any subject matter.

Anime meme: Over 9000

Not only the most iconic anime meme ever but it is also one of the most earliest meme overall. Obviously the meme is use to describe anything that is abnormally high or expressing a large quantity of anything. And if you wonder how many derivative memes have been generated from this, you guessed it right, it’s over 9000.

Top ten anime meme was not ranked in any way and was only selected based on popularity. If you do not agree with our list please leave your choice in comment section and also send us suggestion what topic you want us to rank in future.

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