Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths

It’s very hard to pick top ten saddest anime deaths, due the number of anime is really massive. Even though anime is not real and there’s truly no way to describe the feeling of seeing your favorite anime character pass away. Today we are counting down our picks for the top ten saddest anime deaths. For this list, we are taking a look back at characters in the anime world that left us too soon. Taking into consideration both sad and misfortunate deaths. Needless to say beware of the spoilers and have your tissue boxes ready.

Yuno Gasai, Anime: Mirai Nikki

Anime world’s overly attached girlfriend Yuno Gasai. Although she was a psycho, but surely the death of Yuno Gasai makes our heart ache. This bitter sweet love story ends with tear jerking conclusions. After a final confrontation between herself and Mur Mur against Yuki and Ninth, she heads to a third world where she would like to attempt once more, catching Yuki in a substitute reality. Yuki can break free and figures out how to spare the third world’s Yuno before first Yuno attempts to slaughter her. Yuki talks her down, and first Yuno confers suicide by cutting herself in the abdomen, causing Yuki to become god.

Eren’s Mother, Anime: Attack on Titan

Eren’s mother death scene alone thoroughly introduced us to the horrifying world of titans. Trapped and unable to escape, Eren’s mother made sure her kids would not also fall victim to the giant humanoid creature. Eren did not only lose his mom that day, but also had to watch as she was severed into two and eaten by the monster.

Maes Hughes, Anime: Full Metal Alchemist

Maes was just impossible not to love because of his character’s standup nature. His unconditionaly sympathy toward others made his passing all too unfair. After he uncovers the fuehrer’s motives, Hughes is murdered by the homunculus Envy. For once Envy shape shift to the form of his own wife, Maes is unable to defend himself. We wish he was still here just so he could show us pictures of his young daughter one more time.

Lelouch , Anime: Code Geass

During a time loaded with war and contempt, Lelouch devises a ground breaking strategy he calls the “Zero Requiem”. In which he plays the role of a wicked ruler before he is publicly assassinated to provide peace to the world. As the world’s scapegoat, he is scorned and enthusiastically permits himself to be killed by none other than his best friend Suzaku. As he falls to his death, only his sister mourns over his body as the rest of the crowd celebrate not knowing his ultimate sacrifice.

Portgas D. Ace, Anime: One Piece

The death of a relative is intense, and that is no special case with regards to anime. After being successfuly rescued by his brother luffy and his gang, this prideful pirate turns back to face his captor Akainu. Once Luffy gets caught in his crosshairs, Ace shields him like a good older sibling he is. But recieves a smoldering hot fist through his chest in the process. As the white beard pirates 2nd division commander utters his last word, the expression of crews faces are too much to bear.

Nina Tucker, Anime: Full Metal Alchemist

Regardless of just knowing this character for one episode, the disaster that comes to pass for this little girl in full metal alchemist left us our jaws open. It isn’t just Nina’s actual death that cuts deep, but the context behind it really gets your blood boiling. Nina’s father have performed an unethical human experiment using her with her own dog in the hopes of keeping his state alchemist license. When the Elric brothers unable to undo Shou Tucker’s dark deed, Scar kills her as means of mercy to save her from tortured future.

Jiraiya, Anime: Naruto

It’s ususally taken as sign of honor when student surpasses the master, in this case only left us in tears. When encountered by the villain Pain, Jiraiya tires his best to stop the akatsuki leader’s plan. Unable to stop him and foreseen his near end, the legendary sannin uses his last bit of strength to encrypt a message about secret to defeating pain on to the back of his toad fukasaku. This fun loving perverted hermit’s death shocked and saddened all the naruto fans.

Setsuko, Anime: Hotarou No Haka (Movie)

As World War II reaches its conclusion in 1945, now orphaned and homeless, Seita and Setsuko have no choice but to drift across the countryside, assailed by starvation and disease. What begins as another rent on life becomes horrid as she and her sibling come up short on rice, and she is hurried to a doctor after becoming increasingly ill from malnutrition. She is found dying what’s more, thinking as Seita comes back to the safe house with large amounts of foodstuffs. She then dies as her brother hurries to cook.

Uchiha Itachi, Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Itachi can be counted as one of the greatest warriors to ever lived. The fact is that Itachi was plagued by a terminal disease for quite some time. All these years Itachi was hated by sasuke with passion. Itachi pushed his brother so he can grow more strong. Knowing his current body condition, Itachi forced fight with sasuke so he can be killed by his little brother. After some fierce battle between brothers, Sasuke was completely defeated by Itachi. And in the end, Itachi died by exhaustion.

L, Anime: Death Note

Being the sole symbol of justice within the series, and the main character’s adversary, we all have the same feelings about this genius detective’s passing. The way L went, left the series dry and hollow. Moments before his death, L had an notion that it was his time. It hurt the most that it had to come from the person he considered his first and only friend.

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