Wilderness Camping Guide: Tips On How To Go Camping In The Wild

Many peoples idea of camping is going to a crowded, smoke filled campground with their giant RV. They know how to go camping with some luxuries, bu give them a tent, backpack, primitive aura, and basic camping gear and they may run into trouble. To me, campground camping would be akin to camping in the local supermarket’s parking lot minus the campfire smoke and excessive noise. This is why I created this resource of camping tips. I hope to open up the world of wilderness and tent camping to others.

What is Wilderness Camping?

Wilderness camping, sometimes referred to as backpack or tent camping (and sometimes even primitive camping), could be divided into two groups. The first would be camping in what is termed a rustic campground. This is still inside a traditional campground, but would be a bit more “back to nature” as there is no electric or water right at the campsite. The second is real backwoods camping where you pick your own camp site as you travel through the wilderness. This is mainly what this website is dedicated to and will be discussed. Of course all of the camping tips, equipment and techniques can easily be transferred to most any situation.

Grab Your Backpack and Hit The Wilderness

Some people would term this “roughing it”. But with proper equipment, supplies and planning, wilderness / backpack camping can be very comfortable and quite rewarding. You will see natural vistas and unique wildlife that you may never see camping inside a campground. In fact, in my experience I’ve had white tail deer, wild turkey, and even a young black bear wander through my camp. So on to getting outfitted and doing the proper planning for a successful camping experience.

Camping Tips: Survival in the Wilderness

Do you know what to look for in a tent? How does your backpack fit? Did you know that there are many types of sleeping bags? There are many things to know about selecting your camping gear which, armed with this knowledge, will make your wilderness camping experience much more pleasant. Our camping tips specifically teach you what to look for and how to do certain camping tasks. There is more to camping than sitting in a luxury RV.

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